Women Bible 📖

God had created Eve as a special creation: the app Women Bible is a tribute to His special choice for the virtuous women on earth who want to feel the holy bliss always around them. [..]

Study Bible 📖

Reading Bible at a daily course is a divine bliss for all those who love to stay under the blessed protection of the Holy Spirit. The app Study Bible will offer you the immaculate opportunity [..]

King James Version 📖

King James version or KJV is the most popular translation of the Holy Bible which is commonly read and accepted for use in the church by Christians all over the world because the KJV Bible [..]

João Ferreira de Almeida 📖

👍 A Bíblia João Ferreira de Almeida é extremamente popular e muito usada no Brasil, uma vez que protestantes e católicos aceitam e usam este importante aplicativo que possui importantes características que são úteis para [..]

Free Bible 📖

Free Bible is one of the best Bible study tools that is recommended for Devoted Christians. This is the WEB (World English Bible) Version of the Holy Bible that you can use to read or [..]

Easy to read Bible 📖

If you are looking for a beginners Bible which will help with your regular Bible reading, this one is for you. Easy To Read Bible is a Bible app that contains easy Bible verses written [..]

Catholic Bible 📖

👍 Catholic Bible is an app that contains the text of the Douay–Rheims Bible Catholic edition of the Bible (DRC), which is an English version of the Bible for Catholics. The Douay-Rheims Bible is the [..]

Bijbel 📖

We bieden de belangrijkste Bijbelversie in het Nederlands aan: de Statenvertaling. De Statenvertaling Bijbel is de eerste officiële Nederlandse vertaling van de Bijbel, en deze wordt veel gelezen in de Protestantse Kerken. De Statenvertaling is [..]

Biblia Reina Valera 📖

Esta aplicación contiene la Biblia Reina Valera en su versión Purificada de 1602. Esta versión es una de las revisiones más antiguas. Con la APP Biblia Reina Valera tendrás la ventaja de llevar la Biblia [..]

Biblia gratis 📖

Lleve con usted y en todo momento las Sagradas Escrituras gracias a Biblia Gratis, y acceda en su dispositivo móvil a los Evangelios con esta aplicación gratuita y de fácil manejo. Destinada a los cristianos [..]